Success Marks Eli Gershkovitch’s Career in Craft Beer Brewing Industry

In the past, you could find mass-market beer options for nearly everyone. That led to the rise of beer empires that often features in advertisements at sporting events across the United States. While people may be scrutinizing the millennial for their quirky behaviors, they seem to be triggering a golden age for craft beer. Craft beers have now become one of the most favorite alcoholic beverages among the millennial. Brewers of mass-market domestic beer such as Miller Brewing Company and Budweiser are losing popularity while craft beers brewers are enjoying significant benefits.


Experts in the brewing industry are yet to determine the driving force behind increased demand for craft beers. Brewers of mass-market domestic beers are losing customers to brewers of craft beers. Perhaps the rise of the cosmopolitan culture around the world could be triggering increased demand for craft beers (TheBroTalk). Craft beers will account for 20 percent of total beer sales by 2020. Consumers are forced to purchase from a broad array of small craft beer breweries because most craft beer brewers have relatively modest operations compared to brewers of mass-market beers. The most popular craft beer breweries in the United States include Hardywood and Backbone.


Unlike wine, beer couldn’t attract connoisseurs. Today, increased appreciation of craft beers has attracted consumers from all walks of life. Enthusiasts across the globe are trying new lagers and coffee stouts as they search for the perfect beverage.


About Eli Gershkovitch


One of the pioneers in the craft beers industry is Steamworks Group’s founder and CEO, Eli Gershkovitch. He took Canadian craft beer on the map after emerging as one of the top contenders at the just concluded Open Beer Championship. Eli’s first craft beer brewery started in 1995 in the historic Gastown neighborhood. As craft beer industry was taking shape across the globe, Eli Gershkovitch took notice of the trend. In fact, he made numerous trips to Europe to observe the shifting landscape in the craft beer industry. Eli Gershkovitch’s first brewpub was Canada’s first and only establishment that could use steam-powered brewing. Legal complexities made it difficult to establish a steam-powered brewing business in Canada. However, as a lawyer, Eli was able to navigate those complexities and patent his brands.

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Glen Wakeman Works To Help Restore Puerto Rico

Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria have caused devastating effects in Puerto Rico. The entire island was affected by the storm with 1 million residents lose power from Hurricane Irma. The storm has caused at least $90 billion dollars in damages ( The Red Cross has made a relief effort by providing cleanup kits, home repair kits, water, food, hand sanitizer, insect repellent, and many other supplies. There has been a major disruption in cell phone service, so the Red Cross is shipping satellite phones to help provide relief and restore some of the technology that was damaged.


The vast majority of Red Cross funding comes from donations. Even though the Red Cross has raised at least $55 million dollars for relief efforts, the effects of the hurricanes can still be seen everywhere with debris littering the island. The Red Cross is also providing medical attention by sending EMTs and nurses to Puerto Rico. Glen Wakeman is an investor who is working to help the Red Cross restore Puerto Rico. Wakeman made a donation of $1,000 to the American Red Cross to help relief efforts but also stay involved.


Wakeman is also a writer, entrepreneur, and mentor. His career has led him to work in 32 different countries and live in six. He’s currently the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings. His experience also includes Mergers & Acquisitions as well as guidance for startup companies. The idea of LaunchPad Holdings came to fruition because he wanted to provide greater structure for startup companies to help avert the high failure rate. Wakeman continues to provide guidance in the areas of international finance platforms, angel investing, and capital raising. Puerto Rico is certainly in need of capital. Wakeman is excited about the potential of machine learning and what this technology can do to assist business problems.


About Jorge Moll

Jorge Filho Moll is a well-known entrepreneur and a professional Cardiologist. He is the Chief Executive Officer of one of the biggest health diagnostics imaging laboratory in Brazil known as Rede D’Or. This group of hospitals was started in the year 1977 and owns over 30 hospitals. Later on Fleury SA, a publicly traded medical service provider in Brazil which had an enumerable portfolio and high-end capabilities purchased Labs D’Or from Jorge Moll.


Jorge Moll after selling some of the subsidiary Labs D’Or was able to buy Sao Louis which is a very well known hospital located in Sao Paulo (IDOR). After that, there were two private equity companies which bought stakes in the Brazilian hospital Operators which included one from Singapore known as GIC Pte. Limited and the Carlyle Group. A shareholder at Rede D’Or known as BTG Pactual which is a Brazilian bank sold 12% of its shares at about $600.


Jorge Moll serves as the Chairman of the board of directors at the Rede D’Or Hospital and lives in the capital Rio de Janeiro. Mr. Moll together with his family is seen to be significant shareholders at Rede D’Or Sao Louis which is among the biggest group of Independent Hospitals in Brazil.


Jorge is an Alumnus of Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro where he graduated with masters in Public Health ( Dr. Moll through his hard work and commitment to the health sector all over Brazil, he was able to launch health diagnostics laboratory which he went on to make one of the biggest group of health institutions in Brazil. He was assisted by Pactual Bank which helped him get funds to buy the Group of Hospitals.


About Rede D’Or group of Hospitals

It is the biggest private hospital operator in Brazil with its bases found in Sao Paulo, Federal District, Pernambuco, and finally in Rio de Janeiro. The hospital through its activities has continued to grow all over the country and offering its services to the people of Brazil.


In the year 2013, the Group of Hospitals launched two new units in the Country’s capital Rio de Janeiro which were the main Hospital and Maternidade Oeste D’Or which were located around the locality of Campo Grande. It has a 24- hour pediatric, a Neonatal ICU and an adult emergency care found in Duque de Caxias. The hospital is built with modern design and technology especially in the surgical centers that will enable individuals to avoid getting contaminated.


In Brazil’s capital Rio de Janeiro, three units were launched between the years 2009 to 2011. These were North D’Or (Cascadura), Jacarepagua (North D’Or) and Niteroi D’Or in Niteroi City.

The hospital center by Rede D’Or has an Oncology Center. This is a major project that was done in Rio de Janeiro that sought to bring together all the aspects that would be needed to diagnose, prevent and treat Cancer with the Radiotherapy side being equipped with the most recent technology necessary to fight cancer.


Siteline Cabinetry Inspires a Movement

It is that time of year when people start renovating their homes and a lot of people are leaning towards the more modern route. So, if someone is thinking about renovating they might want to look at Siteline Cabinets for a bit of information. Siteline’s Cabinets are fully customizable and this is one of the reason Release Facts website says Siteline Cabinetry is leading in offering inspiration. Siteline Cabinetry has nearly 300 different ways to customize their cabinets and this offers the consumers a wide range of ways to design their cabinets. Inspiration can also be found in their designs and even the high quality of the cabinet itself. The article describes that Siteline Cabinetry always uses the most up to date equipment and spends a lot of time continuously training their employees, to make sure they are know the technology and make sure they are knowledgeable in every part of their business. Another, quality that are they described as inspiring is the speed and quality of the products that are produced from Sietline. They even offer a lifetime warranty on their cabinets to back their high quality. The article ends with Release Facts describing different ways Siteline Cabinetry sells their cabinets since they do not sell to consumers themselves.

We build beautiful, premium cabinets. At Siteline Cabinetry, every cabinet starts out as a design concept, then we add your vision is the motto Siteline Cabinetry lives by. The are a small for profit company located in Keysville, VA. They have only been around since 2015 but they have already been receiving a lot of recognition due to their high quality cabinets. They are a customization company that allow consumers through supplier companies to customize any cabinet. They do every step of creating a cabinet in-house at their 47,000 square feet plant by their highly skilled workers. They take pride in providing America with high skilled labors since they are so few of them still working. Their location is special because they choose it due to the high number of people in Keysville that know how to work machinery.

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How UTC Thrived Under Louis Chenevert’s Visionary Leadership

Louis Chenevert, a famous Canadian businessman, has served various world-class companies including General Motors and United Technologies Corporation (UTC). With a Bachelor’s degree in Production Management from the University of Montreal, Louis served at General Motors as the Production Manager for over 14 years. He later joined UTC’s subsidiary;,Pratt & Whitney where he worked for six years before being elected as the Company’s President in 1999. From there, Louis was privileged to be elected the Chief Executive Officer and President of the entire UTC.

While serving at UTC, Louis registered impressive achievements that most corporate executives are yet to achieve in their career life. His primary focus upon getting to the top of UTC was to acquire Goodrich; then a leading American aerospace manufacturing company. He successfully struck a great deal that saw UTC take over the multi-billion dollar company within a short period. As an exemplary steward at UTC, Louis was committed to invest in the employees and the most advanced technology. He was determined from the start to use his experience and knowledge to improve the company and leave it in a stable position.

Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, UTC was able to survive and thrive under the visionary leadership of Louis. This happened despite the popular culture indifference, stiff foreign competition, and heavy regulation that affect most organizations. The company managed to maintain its position as a leader in producing innovative aerospace technologies without oppressing its employees or breaching its compliance to conserve the environment.

Apart from staying focused on its mission, UTC seeks to balance its business portfolio between various types of users and markets. The company has also balanced its business mix in terms of returns on investments and revenues. It generates these from the sustainment of delivered products and manufacturing new products. As Louis said, the demand cycles in military and business world usually follow different rhythms that can boost overall results and revenues every year.