Glen Wakeman Works To Help Restore Puerto Rico

Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria have caused devastating effects in Puerto Rico. The entire island was affected by the storm with 1 million residents lose power from Hurricane Irma. The storm has caused at least $90 billion dollars in damages ( The Red Cross has made a relief effort by providing cleanup kits, home repair kits, water, food, hand sanitizer, insect repellent, and many other supplies. There has been a major disruption in cell phone service, so the Red Cross is shipping satellite phones to help provide relief and restore some of the technology that was damaged.


The vast majority of Red Cross funding comes from donations. Even though the Red Cross has raised at least $55 million dollars for relief efforts, the effects of the hurricanes can still be seen everywhere with debris littering the island. The Red Cross is also providing medical attention by sending EMTs and nurses to Puerto Rico. Glen Wakeman is an investor who is working to help the Red Cross restore Puerto Rico. Wakeman made a donation of $1,000 to the American Red Cross to help relief efforts but also stay involved.


Wakeman is also a writer, entrepreneur, and mentor. His career has led him to work in 32 different countries and live in six. He’s currently the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings. His experience also includes Mergers & Acquisitions as well as guidance for startup companies. The idea of LaunchPad Holdings came to fruition because he wanted to provide greater structure for startup companies to help avert the high failure rate. Wakeman continues to provide guidance in the areas of international finance platforms, angel investing, and capital raising. Puerto Rico is certainly in need of capital. Wakeman is excited about the potential of machine learning and what this technology can do to assist business problems.

How Stream Energy Can Help People Reduce Their Impact On The Environment

Stream Energy is a company that is growing across the United States. One of the latest states it has entered is Illinois. It is one of the leading direct selling energy company’s as well as one that offered connected life services where people can interact with their homes in a variety of ways whether at home or away.

Protective and home service are the main offers that Stream Energy offers their customers. So far they are in six states beyond Illinois including Texas, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. They also provide their services in Washington D.C.

The president and chief executive officer of Stream Energy is Larry Mondry ( When they launched in Illinois he provided a statement saying how they were very excited to start offering their services in that state. He also said that they had been looking to expand for quite awhile and that making Illinois part of the Stream family was an important development in the company’s history.

Stream Energy was established in 2004. They are the largest provider of direct selling energy on the globe. Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, and the company remains a privately held entity. The main way it gains customers is through direct selling which means that people who are using their services sell other people they know, including friends, family, and neighbors, on how to save money on their energy costs by joining the Stream Energy family.

Climate change is one of the most important issues of the day. It is increasingly affecting areas around the world, including in the United States. Among one of the areas that have been hard hit by this is Texas. This state, known for its dependence on gas and oil, is also heavily reliant upon agriculture (BusinessWire). Both citizens and companies are looking for ways to mitigate their impact on climate change including Stream Energy. At Stream Energy, they have implemented many green energy programs which are aimed at reducing they and their customers impact upon the environment. Customers have a large variety of ways to meet their energy needs, several of which offer ways of using renewable resources to meet their energy needs.

Career journey of Robert Thikoll

In October 2014, that’s when Robert Thikoll joined the Ingersoll Rand to serve as the vice president of operational excellence. The company has one aim, and that is they will be able to create a comfortable, efficient and sustainable environment. Robert role as the vice president of the operational excellence has one responsibility, and that is the growing the commitment that Ingersoll Rands have in operation. He will be able to deal with the development of what Ingersoll believe in. He ensures that the team that he has will be able to provide the leadership that is needed in the initiatives that the company has to give.

So that to keep the company growing Robert Thikoll has put in measures to make sure that he is in close relationship with the president and senior leaders of the company. Because only with proper leadership will they be able to identify some of the opportunities that the company has and execute them so that to get the expansion and growth of the business. The company has been able to maintain one thing, and that is the growing and winning culture.

Robert attended the University of Arizona that is located in Tempe, Arizona. In the university, he attained a bachelor degree in political science and Japanese. Robert learned the role of responsibility as he worked at the Danaher from 2000- to 2015. While he worked at the Danaher his work didn’t go unnoticed because he won the premier performance. Just before Robert joined the Danaher Company, Robert worked at the Aisin Takaoka Company for eight years. He has worked in so many other companies like the tier-one Toyota, Intat precision and the supplier living. All those companies taught him one thing that it’s not that easy transforming the business to lean thinking and every situation and company will be different.