Dr. Mark Holterman Leading in Charitable Pediatric Surgeries Globally

Mariam Global Health CEO, Dr. Mark

, is a lead volunteer in a charitable organization performing free pediatric surgeries on orphaned Vietnam girls aged between five and eighteen years. The nonprofit Children’s Surgery International (CSI) also offers free medical services to families experiencing extreme poverty worldwide.


Dr. Mark Holterman is also part of IPSAC-VN, another charitable organization providing innovative surgical therapies to children in partnership with Vietnam hospitals and medical schools. Dr. Mark Holterman and other IPSAC-VN medical volunteers remove tumors, perform brain surgery, organ transplants, and corrective surgery on patients with bone malformations, spinal abnormalities, or heart disorders.


Research on New Surgical Procedures


As a professor deeply involved in the study of revolutionary surgical therapies, Dr. Mark Holterman feels strongly that the benefits of advanced medicine should reach the poor always. Holterman is a professor at the University of Illinois, practicing surgeon, researcher, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.


Through the efforts of Dr. Mark, Mariam Global Health is now an international business investment and management firm collaborating with investors in the healthcare sector to improve research methods, provision of medicine, and the use of new medical technologies (GazetteDay). At Mariam Global Health, Dr. Mark is at the forefront in researching new treatments to cure chronic diseases, obesity, and cancer.


Dr. Holterman’s research led to the discovery of cutting-edge stem cell treatment. The successful clinical trials of his stem-cell therapies helped to create a synthetic trachea based on bone marrow cells to substitute a patient’s damaged trachea during a surgical transplant. Dr. Mark Holterman’s immunosuppression treatment techniques are now the basis of innovative diabetes and thyroiditis clinical management as well as encouraging the production of T-cells in patients with myasthenia gravis.


Dr. Mark Holterman Illustrious Medical Career


Since 2011, Dr. Holterman has performed pediatric surgery at both Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and the St. Francis Medical Center too from his base in Peoria, Illinois. Holterman graduated with a summa cum laude biology major at Yale University. He later proceeded to the University of Virginia for his MD and Ph.D. Holterman has performed a bariatric bypass procedure cure gross obesity and is the author of several medical texts, presentations, and peer-reviewed papers on bariatric surgery.

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