About Jorge Moll

Jorge Filho Moll is a well-known entrepreneur and a professional Cardiologist. He is the Chief Executive Officer of one of the biggest health diagnostics imaging laboratory in Brazil known as Rede D’Or. This group of hospitals was started in the year 1977 and owns over 30 hospitals. Later on Fleury SA, a publicly traded medical service provider in Brazil which had an enumerable portfolio and high-end capabilities purchased Labs D’Or from Jorge Moll.


Jorge Moll after selling some of the subsidiary Labs D’Or was able to buy Sao Louis which is a very well known hospital located in Sao Paulo (IDOR). After that, there were two private equity companies which bought stakes in the Brazilian hospital Operators which included one from Singapore known as GIC Pte. Limited and the Carlyle Group. A shareholder at Rede D’Or known as BTG Pactual which is a Brazilian bank sold 12% of its shares at about $600.


Jorge Moll serves as the Chairman of the board of directors at the Rede D’Or Hospital and lives in the capital Rio de Janeiro. Mr. Moll together with his family is seen to be significant shareholders at Rede D’Or Sao Louis which is among the biggest group of Independent Hospitals in Brazil.


Jorge is an Alumnus of Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro where he graduated with masters in Public Health ( Dr. Moll through his hard work and commitment to the health sector all over Brazil, he was able to launch health diagnostics laboratory which he went on to make one of the biggest group of health institutions in Brazil. He was assisted by Pactual Bank which helped him get funds to buy the Group of Hospitals.


About Rede D’Or group of Hospitals

It is the biggest private hospital operator in Brazil with its bases found in Sao Paulo, Federal District, Pernambuco, and finally in Rio de Janeiro. The hospital through its activities has continued to grow all over the country and offering its services to the people of Brazil.


In the year 2013, the Group of Hospitals launched two new units in the Country’s capital Rio de Janeiro which were the main Hospital and Maternidade Oeste D’Or which were located around the locality of Campo Grande. It has a 24- hour pediatric, a Neonatal ICU and an adult emergency care found in Duque de Caxias. The hospital is built with modern design and technology especially in the surgical centers that will enable individuals to avoid getting contaminated.


In Brazil’s capital Rio de Janeiro, three units were launched between the years 2009 to 2011. These were North D’Or (Cascadura), Jacarepagua (North D’Or) and Niteroi D’Or in Niteroi City.

The hospital center by Rede D’Or has an Oncology Center. This is a major project that was done in Rio de Janeiro that sought to bring together all the aspects that would be needed to diagnose, prevent and treat Cancer with the Radiotherapy side being equipped with the most recent technology necessary to fight cancer.