How UTC Thrived Under Louis Chenevert’s Visionary Leadership

Louis Chenevert, a famous Canadian businessman, has served various world-class companies including General Motors and United Technologies Corporation (UTC). With a Bachelor’s degree in Production Management from the University of Montreal, Louis served at General Motors as the Production Manager for over 14 years. He later joined UTC’s subsidiary;,Pratt & Whitney where he worked for six years before being elected as the Company’s President in 1999. From there, Louis was privileged to be elected the Chief Executive Officer and President of the entire UTC.

While serving at UTC, Louis registered impressive achievements that most corporate executives are yet to achieve in their career life. His primary focus upon getting to the top of UTC was to acquire Goodrich; then a leading American aerospace manufacturing company. He successfully struck a great deal that saw UTC take over the multi-billion dollar company within a short period. As an exemplary steward at UTC, Louis was committed to invest in the employees and the most advanced technology. He was determined from the start to use his experience and knowledge to improve the company and leave it in a stable position.

Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, UTC was able to survive and thrive under the visionary leadership of Louis. This happened despite the popular culture indifference, stiff foreign competition, and heavy regulation that affect most organizations. The company managed to maintain its position as a leader in producing innovative aerospace technologies without oppressing its employees or breaching its compliance to conserve the environment.

Apart from staying focused on its mission, UTC seeks to balance its business portfolio between various types of users and markets. The company has also balanced its business mix in terms of returns on investments and revenues. It generates these from the sustainment of delivered products and manufacturing new products. As Louis said, the demand cycles in military and business world usually follow different rhythms that can boost overall results and revenues every year.