Bruno Fagali fight against corruption in Brazil

Bruno Fagali is a well-known Brazilian attorney based in Sao Paulo. He specializes in administrative law, public law, regulatory law, compliance, and anti-corruption. Fagali studied Masters in State Law, Anti-corruption, and Administrative law at the University and degree in law from Pontifical Catholic University both in Sao Paulo.

Bruno also owns a law firm known as Fagali Advocacy where he fights for integrity and transparency in public administration.

He started his career at Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns as an intern of family law, cases of domestic violence and many other opportunities he served as an intern. He was in 2012, employed permanently as a lawyer by Radi, Calil e Associados Law where he was tasked with handling cases involving public law, such as; contracts, public civil action, appeals among others.

Bruno Fagali rose to prominence when he initiated fight against corruption in public offices. He called for transparency and integrity especially to government offices tasked with issuance of contracts. And through his firm, he practices public law, compliance, solving electoral disputes, and staging fight against corruption.

Fagali knew that finding a solution to these problems would be the birth of new society, where there will be no discrimination. He is also member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and an Effective Associate of Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics.

Besides running Fagali Advocacy, Bruno is also serving as Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/sb. Nova/sb is a marketing and advertising company located in Brazil. The firm serves clients both nationally and internationally including the World Health Organization (WHO).

Through series of training, Fagali has helped the company to instill fair practices, especially through its adverts. He has initiated programs that laid foundation for fair treatment and remuneration of the employees.

Bruno Fagali has helped the Brazilians get justice and brought back transparency in public tenders. His reformation in companies has eliminated employee exploitations. He has also revolutionized advertising firms, bringing to end days of product falsifications.