The Investment Guru: Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has specialized in all areas of investment. He has worked as an investment consultant for many wealthy American families and European Aristocracy. Mr. Mampilly is also a famous author in the field of research on investments and finance for The Profits Unlimited which has been ranked the fastest growing newsletter.

Mr. Paul studied at the New York University. Upon completion of his studies, Paul has worked on Wall Street for over 20 years with different financial institutions such as Kinetics International, ING Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank, Swiss Bank among other institutions. Mampilly has also worked as an investment consultant for the Templeton Foundation. In the majority of the places that Paul worked, he started out as an analyst and eventually became a money manager. The hands on interaction with all money matters over the years have made him experienced in matters related to productive investments and stocks.

One of Paul’s records is winning the best investment record in a competition put up by the Templeton Foundation. Paul Mampilly was able to increase the worth of an investment worth $50 million t0 $88million in the midst of escalated financial crisis. This record was quite impressive. Since then Paul signed up with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 where he started a newsletter, Profits Unlimited.

Profits Unlimited has seen to the rise of subscribers for the Banyan Hill Publishers which specializes in the publication of research and investment advisory newsletters. The newsletter by Paul is updated weekly recommending particular investments to the subscribers. The newsletter besides offering critical insight on the stocks gives information about the progress of the investments. Many subscribers of the Profits Unlimited have given positive feedback on the advice offered by Mampilly. On many occasions, his take on investment opportunities has turned out true. This has made him a reliable financial advisor for many of his clients.

Paul Mampilly is currently retired and lives with his family in North Carolina. Due to his contributions in the investment field, he has made such a reputation for himself and is, therefore, a sought after investment consultant.

Alexandre Gama Provides Advertising Advice To Businesses

Every smart business owner understands that advertising is essential in marketing and business. Without advertising, your potential customers will not know that you have what they are searching for.

As a business owner or organization manager, you likely have good ideas about how to promote or market your products or services to potential customers but, do you have enough time to do your research, craft an effective message, implement the strategy and monitor campaigns?

Being well versed in the various ways to present your message to your target audience, and setting up a campaign that produces significant returns on investment takes great effort and time. With an ad agency or consultant, you have access to resources you need to handle all of this.

A reliable ad agency has qualified professionals, including copywriters, researchers, planners, designers and account managers. If you need a reputable advertising professional to manage your marketing or promotional tasks for you, consider hiring Alexandre Gama – a highly recommended advertising consultant in Brazil.

Alexandre Gama works with a team of professionals with great expertise in different areas of marketing. He creates effective advertising campaigns, and can help you build brand identity.

Bruno Fagali fight against corruption in Brazil

Bruno Fagali is a well-known Brazilian attorney based in Sao Paulo. He specializes in administrative law, public law, regulatory law, compliance, and anti-corruption. Fagali studied Masters in State Law, Anti-corruption, and Administrative law at the University and degree in law from Pontifical Catholic University both in Sao Paulo.

Bruno also owns a law firm known as Fagali Advocacy where he fights for integrity and transparency in public administration.

He started his career at Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns as an intern of family law, cases of domestic violence and many other opportunities he served as an intern. He was in 2012, employed permanently as a lawyer by Radi, Calil e Associados Law where he was tasked with handling cases involving public law, such as; contracts, public civil action, appeals among others.

Bruno Fagali rose to prominence when he initiated fight against corruption in public offices. He called for transparency and integrity especially to government offices tasked with issuance of contracts. And through his firm, he practices public law, compliance, solving electoral disputes, and staging fight against corruption.

Fagali knew that finding a solution to these problems would be the birth of new society, where there will be no discrimination. He is also member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and an Effective Associate of Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics.

Besides running Fagali Advocacy, Bruno is also serving as Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/sb. Nova/sb is a marketing and advertising company located in Brazil. The firm serves clients both nationally and internationally including the World Health Organization (WHO).

Through series of training, Fagali has helped the company to instill fair practices, especially through its adverts. He has initiated programs that laid foundation for fair treatment and remuneration of the employees.

Bruno Fagali has helped the Brazilians get justice and brought back transparency in public tenders. His reformation in companies has eliminated employee exploitations. He has also revolutionized advertising firms, bringing to end days of product falsifications.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega – Changing the Business Model of Grupo Televisa for Good

Over the years, the media industry of Mexico has been growing and developing at a massive pace. The media industry of Mexico today is considered to be amongst the biggest in the country regarding its size, some active companies, and the total turnover of the industry that runs into billions of US dollars. Many big media conglomerates have played a crucial role in the transformation of the media business in Mexico, such as Cinemax, SDI Media, Grupo Reforma, Grupo ACIR, and a few others. One other company that has also played a significant role in the transformation of media industry of Mexico is Grupo Televisa, which is the largest media company in the Spanish speaking world.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is one of the four most prominent executives of Grupo Televisa and plays the role company’s Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President. He has helped tremendously in ensuring that Grupo Televisa continues to expand its outreach in the newer territories and has devised a very effective marketing plan to make it happen. In the age of high competition, it is natural for the management of any company to think ahead, and it is what Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega does for Grupo Televisa.

He managed to take the company’s operations to North America as well, which has helped considerably in adding to the revenue of the enterprise. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has also assisted in ensuring that the business strategy of Grupo Televisa is futuristic and seamless so that it continues to dominate the media industry in the future as well without any hindrances. Grupo Televisa recently collaborated with another media giant, Univision. It was a deal worth more than $1.2 Billion, a transaction that was personally overseen and managed by Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega. He is also an attorney and the founder of the law firm by the name of Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes-Fuentes, S.C.

Doe Deere Wears Many Hats

Doe Deere is giving consumers a lot of reasons to stay connected to what she is doing. When people see her posting on Twitter and Instagram they get excited. She has a lot of followers, and this is primarily because she has become the voice of the new cosmetics generation. She is the CEO of Lime Crime that has found a way to build a much better cosmetics brand with cruelty free products.


Before Doe Deere arrived on the scene there were not a lot of people that were doing what she was doing. Cosmetics is a type of industry where a lot of outside forces play a part into the sale of the product. Cover Girl, for example, hires models and entertainers to promote lipstick or nail polish. It is rare to even see someone in an executive position of power at CoverGirl in a place where they are also promoting the brand. Learn more:


Doe Deere has managed to stand out because she takes on the role of CEO as a business leader, but she is also well-versed in the management and promotion of her company. This is definitely something that people may not have considered before. Many people do not expect the CEO to send out tweets about shades of lipstick. These people would not expect a person in the position of power that Doe Deere is in to have a beauty blog where she helps people see ways to utilize the makeup she sells. Learn more:


This is a huge change of pace for someone that is in the executive chair, but Doe Deere doesn’t mind. In fact she embraces it. She knows that this is the way that she stays connected with her customer base. She also realizes that people want to imitate her style. She knows that she is able to present much better products to her customers because she stays wired in to what they need. Learn more:


Doe Deere doesn’t consider herself a CEO that is detached from the company that she is running. To the contrary, Doe Deere considers herself an intricate part of every aspect of Lime Crime. This is the company that she created, and this is the company that she continues to promote on her own.


It is true that with her level of success that she could easily bring forth someone else to manage different aspects of her business. Doe deer recognizes, however, that she is already the face of the brand. That means that she is the one that is responsible for building brand awareness.


She takes pride in this, and she takes every opportunity to give her fans a chance to follow along as she promote new products like hair dye. Learn more: