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20 fried chicken recipes

Whether prepared in a frying pan or an oven, at its most basic the recipe for fried chicken only calls for flour, salt and pepper, a generous amount of oil or butter for frying, and a cook time of under an hour. Most of us know that coating the meat in breadcrumbs results in extra crispy chicken, or that adding spices gives it a southern flavour, or that marinating it in buttermilk makes it extra juicy. But here are 20 other recipes, many of them international, for even more amazing fried chicken!

Signature foods in every state

Stacker compiled a list of the signature dishes in each U.S. state, consulting local newspapers, histories, and recipe collections.

How to make bread in a dutch oven

Our video producer Melissa Rorech shows us how to easily make bread in a Staub Round Cocotte with 4 simple ingredients.

Our Favorite Cookbooks of 2020

Snag these new classics for your kitchen bookshelf.

Our 6 favorite better-for-you eggnogs, from free-range to dairy-free

We tried the best store-bought eggnogs that are vegan, nut-free, free-range and dairy-free.

How to make Meghan Markle's favorite almond spiced holiday cocktail at home

The Christmas cocktail, which includes almond milk, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and bourbon, is surprisingly easy to make.

Ree Drummond's Daughter Alex Picked A Wedding Date

And a venue! You'll never guess where she's gettin' hitched.

Travel hypocrisy, street racing, vaccine limitations: News from around our 50 states

How the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every state

22 little things that can add up to big savings

The 100 Unhealthiest Foods of 2020

It's best to avoid these at all costs. Trust us!

Healthier holiday recipes: Joy Bauer revamps classic dishes

This Cheat Day Friday, TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer stops by the 3rd hour of TODAY to put a healthy twist on classic holiday dishes. Watch her make spinach artichoke dip pizza, pigs in a blanket and eggnog.

Easy and inspiring apple recipes

Everyone loves a homemade apple pie, but there's so much more you can make with this versatile fruit, especially in fall when apples are at their very best. They add crunch to salads and slaws, a caramel sweetness to puddings and pies, a rich moistness to cakes and are a classic partner to pork and chicken. Our sweet and savory collection is full of new ideas and old favorites with a twist.

Dolly Parton's holiday baking gear is just as magical as it sounds

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Every year, without fail, my mom and I argue about the thickness of the holiday baked goods we make. Naturally, she wins. We bake her wafer-thin sugar cookies and I, inevitably, almost burn at least a third of the batch, but in the end I don’t care because we’re together and I’ll eat pretty much anything sweet. Since I...

America's most historic foods

Imagine the US without New York cheesecake, Chicago deep-dish pizza or s'mores. It’s not the same is it? But do you ever stop to think about how your favorite dish was invented? Behind some of America’s most iconic foods are truly amazing origin stories, from accidents turned overnight successes to tall tales that you should probably take with a grain of salt. Take a look...

These Chains Are Offering Free Cookies For National Cookie Day, So Get A Glass Of Milk Ready

Be a smart cookie and redeem these deals!!

These Delicious Food Gift Baskets Are Most Certainly NOT a Lame Fruit Assortment

No basic fruit baskets here, folks.

25 Small Businesses Every Neighborhood Needs

It’s a good sign when small businesses move into a neighborhood. See which mom-and-pop shops play a role in making neighborhoods vibrant, healthy and wealthy.

‘I didn’t do a real diet’: Ross Mathews on 50-pound weight loss

The 41-year-old bubbly television personality is opening up about his recent weight loss in quarantine and what inspired him to make some changes.

7 Common Pantry Items Making You Gain Weight

Your pantry can either be your weight loss ally or enemy. Clear your shelves of these diet disruptors to make room for more fat-burning foods.

I tried 5 hot-chocolate recipes from celebrity chefs, and my favorite is also a little boozy

I tried hot chocolate recipes from chefs Ina Garten, Jacques Torres, Sandra Lee, Alton Brown, and Carla Hall and reviewed each. Here's the best one.

Our Resident Cheese Plater's Gift Guide for Cheese Lovers Everywhere

That Cheese Plate is a column by Marissa Mullen—cookbook author, photographer, and Food52's Resident Cheese Plater. With Marissa's expertise all things cheddar, comté, and crudité—plus tips for how to make it all look extra special, using stuff you probably have on hand—we'll be crafting our own cheesy masterpieces without a hitch. As someone who wholeheartedly believes that cheese plates are self-care, the world of cheese opens up endless...

Gifts for couples they'll both love

Make a happy couple even happier with gifts that will please both people with products ranging from the heartfelt and homey to the functional, fun, and unusual.

20 creative alternatives to a traditional Christmas dinner

20 Cheap Christmas Entrees

Slow cooker mistake you won't want to make

The slow cooker is a fantastic kitchen tool. Add ingredients to the pot in the morning, press a few buttons and by the evening, you'll have a warm, comforting dish. It's ideal for dinners on colder nights, when you want hot soups, hearty casseroles and meaty meals. Although it's a relatively straightforward piece of kit, you could be making some common mistakes. To ensure you're getting the most out of your slow cooker, here's how to avoid these errors.

Fire up the grill for a cold-weather tailgate with chili, brats and nachos

Chef Matt Moore makes the most of the grill with bratwurst sliders, skillet nachos with barbecued pork and meaty chili.

The Crock-Pot TimeSelect Digital Slow Cooker will save Christmas meals

The new Crock-Pot TimeSelect Digital Slow Cooker is a brilliant hack for those wanting to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with their family this Christmas.

What to Make, Buy or Gift for a New Year’s Eve Celebration

To help you ring in the new year in style, we’ve broken down the party process into three categories: make, buy and gift. Here are our picks for each.

This Year’s Biggest Christmas Decor Trend Is Hiding in the Produce Section

I’ve seen lots of tree trends bubble to the surface this year—tree collars in place of more traditional tree skirts, forgoing ornaments altogether to let fir and lights, well, shine, and to no one’s surprise, lots and lots of Scandinavian-inspired trimmings. The most popular embellishment (by far), though? Dried orange slices. It seems like every influencer, DIYer, designer, classmate from high school, friend’s mother, and social acquaintance I...

How to Create New Traditions to Honor Your Blended Family This Holiday Season

Is it your first season as a blended family? Now's the time to honor traditions both new and old. Even if there are cultural or religious differences, this season can become a bonding experience and a teachable moment for everyone involved.

The truth about coconut oil - how coconut oil increases your risk of heart disease and what to use instead

Coconut oil has a higher saturated fat content than butter and can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and weight gain.

Los Angeles Launches Program to Give $800 Payment to Some Restaurant Workers

L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti just announced a program called SERVE (Secure Emergency Relief for Vulnerable Employees).It will provide a one-time $800 payment to restaurant and food service workers who have been affected by the pandemic.Unfortunately, only 4,000 workers will be selected to receive an $800 payment.That's just a fraction of the estimated 700,000 food industry employees who are out of work in Los Angeles County.The SERVE program was launched in the wake of the county's decision to temporarily suspend outdoor dining.The outdoor dining shutdown is supposed to last for three weeks.But it is being challenged in court by the California Restaurant Association

Stir Your Hot Chocolate With a Peppermint Stick

Whether you make your hot chocolate from cocoa powder, a store-bought mix, or a fancy piece of fancy chocolate, you will—at some point—need to stir it. Most people reach for a spoon, and clever folks reach for a fork, but during the holiday season you should grab a peppermint stick or candy cane.

Eggnog Haters: You Need to Make this Delicious Recipe

I love Eggnog. It is hands down my favorite holiday drink, and easily one of my top five favorite cocktails of all time. Over the past decade and a half, I’ve become something of an Eggnog evangelist, treating every holiday season as an opportunity to remind the world to drink this delicious libation. But unlike many self-professed cocktail snobs, I don’t just celebrate the good stuff that we serve at my Portland, Oregon, bars, Clyde Common and...

Mix your own delicious herbal tea using leftover spices

Caffeine-free, no-waste, and way better than a tea bag.

Popular dishes through the decades from 1900 to today

Food fashions come and go and nothing highlights this more than digging up old recipes. Some years we demolished the foods that were in abundance and readily available, others we ate what would have been considered trendy at the time. From hoover stew to key lime pie, these were the most popular dishes of their decade.

For holiday comfort, look no further than Lefse and Lingonberries

Lefse are thin potato-based flatbreads traditionally enjoyed by Norwegians at Christmastime. Why are they not enjoyed during the rest of the year? This gal, the granddaughter of Norwegian immigrants, has zero idea. They’re relatively plain and incredibly versatile, with nothing about them screaming “fa la la la la la” in any sort of way.

Oh My Gouda! Whole Foods Is Bringing Back Its ‘12 Days of Cheese’ Sale

Between holiday parties and family gatherings, you can never have enough cheese during the holidays. We’re stocking up with Whole Foods’s '12 Days of Cheese' sale.

Skillet Spanako"pea"ta

Classically made with a spinach-feta cheese mixture, this easy spanikopita pie recipe adds in a generous serving of fresh spring peas, making it taste even fresher than the traditional kind.

The best small-town restaurant in every state

Worlds away from the hustle and bustle of America’s biggest cities and their buzzy food joints, small-town restaurants typically offer cozy digs and a more relaxed vibe. Here we've chosen our favorite in every state, from country pubs to riverside bistros – perfect for when you need to get away from it all.

7 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

7 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

Kitchen fails! Stomach-churning photos capture the worst meals

Social media users from around the world have been sharing their most disgusting meals online, with Bored Panda have collating the worst into an amusing viral gallery.

Our Resident Bread Baker's Must-Haves for the Perfect Loaves

The Perfect Loaf is a column from software engineer-turned-bread expert (and Food52's Resident Bread Baker), Maurizio Leo. Maurizio is here to show us all things naturally leavened, enriched, yeast-risen, you name it—basically, every vehicle to slather on a lot of butter. Today, a gift guide to make the bakers in your life mighty happy. As is most often the case, having the right tools makes any task at hand that much easier, and this is...

Here’s how your diet affects your mental health

In 1825, French gourmet Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote, in The Physiology of Taste, one of history's most famous aphorisms: Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are. Nearly 200 years later, this celebrated phrase remains just as relevant. Your intestines are linked directly to your brain. These organs produce 95 per cent of our serotonin, indicating that diet has a large influence on mental health. What you eat can determine whether you feel happy, sad, depressed, or downright suicidal. Read on to discover how certain diets impact your overall mental health. Be sure to take notes. You may want to make some changes in your eating habits by the time you finish reading.

Add a sprinkle of color to your holidays with this $8 cookie recipe

The hottest holiday gifts from Amazon

We pored through Amazon's bestseller and most-wished-for lists to find the perfect gift for just about anyone in your life, and they can be bought without leaving the house.

I Broke Up With Meat for 2 Weeks — Here’s What I Learned

Years ago, in a dimly lit vegan restaurant in the East Village of Manhattan, I ate a “lasagna” made from layers of raw squash, cashew cheese, and seemingly nothing else. It had the consistency of cardboard and the seasoning of a rock, and I smiled politely at my friend and new health coach, sitting across the table, as she pored over the benefits of such a meal. As a former dancer having hung up my black leotards and pink tights, I wanted to...

Coronavirus updates: Biden wants 100 days of mask-wearing; California set for new stay-at-home order; US passes 14 million cases

More than 3,000 daily coronavirus deaths were reported, a record. Former presidents say they're willing to take a vaccine. Latest COVID-19 news.

Our Resident Pasta Maker's Gift Guide for Beginner & Expert Pastaias Alike

Pasta Social Club is a column by Meryl Feinstein, Food52's Resident Pasta Maker, community builder, and pastaia extraordinaire. Meryl will teach us about everything from semolina to spaghetti to sauce (and all the tools you'll need for each)—and will show us how pasta is a great way to make great friends and have lots of fun. Making pasta during the holiday season is an Italian tradition—and for good reason. There’s a rhythm to making dough that...

Italian recipes you'll want to cook for years to come

Italian food is all about taking the best quality ingredients and cooking them simply. There's so much more to it than pizza and pasta, much as we love them. Discover more recipes from easy starters and soups, mains and divine desserts. Eat like an Italian at home today, by following our inspired ideas.

Warm up with these inspired porridge toppings

Healthy and nutritious, porridge can be served in so many ways, whether you like it sweet or savory, or made with oats, rice or quinoa. Read on for our tips and inspiration to make your breakfast something you'll want to spring out of bed for.