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Brunch Recipes that Make the Most of Thanksgiving Leftovers

Reimagine your leftovers as delectable brunches the whole family will love.

Count down to the holidays with these foodie Advent calendars

Open up a door on these foodie Advent calendars and you'll find something delicious, bringing holiday joy all season long.

My Only Black Friday Wish Is This Limited Edition Dutch Oven

This Staub x Food52 pot is the Goldilocks fit for my little kitchen.

One in five children don't know where milk comes from, study finds

Researchers looked at the strange beliefs youngsters have about where different foods such as bread, milk and chocolate originate.Of the 1,000 children asked - 21 percent did not know milk came from cows.

What Thanksgiving dinner looks like in different parts of the country

From Italian manicotti in New Jersey to mushroom gravy in the Pacific Northwest, Thanksgiving dinner looks different depending on where you call home.

McDonald's menu items you're missing out on

Did you know McDonald’s in Canada sells poutine? Or that you can get a Mango McFlurry with your Big Mac in Malaysia? From Corn Pie and Matcha Red Bean Layer Cake to McSpaghetti, here’s what you can get at McDonald’s restaurants around the world.

20 signs that your liver is functioning badly

Located in the upper right portion of the abdomen, the liver is one of the body's vital organs. It filters the blood, stores certain vitamins and minerals, and produces bile. When your liver malfunctions, your entire body suffers. Would you be able to tell if your liver's health were less than optimal? Here are 20 early signs of an ailing liver.

This Map Shows the Most Popular Thanksgiving Pies

Wait! Apple pie isn't universal across the country?

Comfort without the calories: healthier versions of your favorite foods

If you're trying to eat more healthily, you can still enjoy some of your favourite comfort foods which we all need a bit of right now. Follow our top recipes, tips and hacks for ways to cut down on the carbs, fat, salt and sugar in the dishes that bring us joy. These are the best-ever healthier versions of your takeout favourites, hearty dinners, sweet treats and more.

40 Can’t-Miss Black Friday Kitchen Deals, From Le Creuset to Vitamix

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15 ways to spice up Thanksgiving leftovers

Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

The Best KitchenAid Mixer Black Friday Deals 2020

Because cookie swap season is approaching and this is your key to success.

Do you remember these vintage food ads?

It’s funny how vintage adverts can take you straight back to a time and place. Do you remember begging your parents to take you to McDonald’s after seeing Ronald McDonald in a TV commercial? Or seeing Green Giant promoting sweetcorn and green beans in a magazine? If so you'll enjoy this nostalgic trip through some of the greatest food adverts from the 1940s to the 1990s.

Are you team pumpkin, apple or pecan? Vote for your favorite Thanksgiving pie

Yahoo Life reached out to food historian Sarah Wassberg Johnson and Rick Rodgers, culinary expert and author of Thanksgiving 101, who shared some surprising facts about the most popular pies served at Thanksgiving — and how they ended up playing a big role in this festive feast. It’s hard to imagine Thanksgiving dinner without pumpkin pie.

20 easy cookie recipes

Imagine being greeted, when you come home, by the smell of fresh-baked cookies, cooling in the kitchen on a wire rack. The magic combination of butter, sugar, chocolate, oatmeal or whatever ingredients you want to incorporate will win you admirers among friends and family alike. Making cookies doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are 20 easy recipes to get you started. Just remember, no snacking on the dough, no matter how tempting it looks and smells.

The best Amazon Black Friday deals: The best deals and sales on Ring doorbells, iRobot vacuums, hair appliances, and more

Chances are you’ve been doing a lot more online shopping since the pandemic began. And now, with Amazon Black Friday deals, there’s no reason to stop. Get your gift list out—you’re about to demolish it.

The true story behind Arlo Guthrie’s Thanksgiving staple, “Alice’s Restaurant”

With four-part harmony and feeling.

25 warming soup recipes to make this fall & winter

Best Buy Black Friday deals: The best deals and sales on Bluetooth speakers, exercise bikes, and more

The holidays are happening early this year and the sales have already started. These are our picks for the best of Best Buy Black Friday deals available now. Grab your gift list and get started!

Turkey emergency? This hotline could be your lifeline on Thanksgiving

Not sure how to thaw or cook a turkey? There's a hotline for that – Butterball's "Turkey Talk-Line" can help you out on Thanksgiving.

Electrolyte drinks to keep you hydrated even on sweltering days

Don’t let a whole lotta sweat dampen your athletic performance.

20+ Mouthwatering Ways to Use Up Leftover Wine

Not enough left in the bottle for a satisfying glass of wine? Try these recipes instead!

The 11 Best Black Friday Deals on Home, Kitchen, and Beauty Essentials

Shop amazing discounts on Le Creuset, iRobot, and more.

Drinking hot cocoa is linked to better memory skills because it's filled with brain-healthy nutrients, a study found

In a small new study, men who drank hot cocoa did better on memory tests. Researchers credit nutrients called flavanols, also found in tea.

'The dishes can wait, but the food can’t': Waiting too long to put away your Thanksgiving leftovers can make you sick

A holiday season spike in food poisoning outbreaks occurs because of a bacteria that grows in cooked foods left at room temperature.

Firefighters deep-fry turkeys to help people avoid cooking fires this Thanksgiving

Fire officials said cooking fires are three times more likely on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year.

Stuffing! Yams! What Thanksgiving Food Is Most Popular in Your State?

Certain Thanksgiving foods are more beloved than others! While some people can’t get enough stuffing — a.k.a. dressing — others are partial to dishes including sweet potato casserole and deviled eggs. House Method, a home design website, compiled a map breaking down the most most-searched savory Thanksgiving dishes in each state and the findings are pretty interesting. For example, while stuffing took the top spot in six states — including Michigan, South Carolina and Texas — mashed potatoes, another holiday staple, only reigned supreme in three locales across the country. The map is based on search interest data from Google Trends. According to the intel, roasted turkey was the most-searched Thanksgiving recipe in nine states, while salad was another dish that proved to be the most popular holiday meal in six locations, such as New York and Washington, D.C. Stars With Severe Food Allergies Read article Conversely, honey baked ham, deep fried turkey, scalloped potatoes and turkey took the No. 1 spot in only one state each. The info also showed some intriguing trends, with sweet potato casserole winning in southern states like Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina, and yams dominating out west in California, Nevada and Utah. The dish also reigned supreme in Alaska. Not surprisingly, there were plenty of celeb-loved Thanksgiving dishes that also made the cut. Green bean casserole, which Kylie Jenner made and served once at a Friendsgiving celebration, was most beloved in five states including Idaho and New Mexico. Jenner also whipped up some turkey gravy — the favorite Thanksgiving food of people residing in Hawaii and Washington state — and stuffing which is well-liked around the nation. For Chrissy Teigen, scalloped potatoes — the Turkey Day food of choice in North Dakota — is a holiday must. “My mom’s scalloped potatoes have been made in my home more than anything else. They’re creamy and loaded with both bacon and ham,” she told Vogue in December 2016. Scroll down to see the most popular Thanksgiving food in every state and see if your favorite dish made the cut!

Black Friday 2020 Sales, Deals on Home Appliances at Lowe's, Kohl's, Target

Save hundreds of dollars on home appliances from wall ovens to stand mixers in the Black Friday sales.

Love the Smell of Soda? Make Your Whole House Smell Like it With These Recycled Can Candles

The Etsy store 716 Candle Co. sells soda-scented candles, and each one comes in a clever recycled can holder to match its soda brand.

25 wonderful trips we want to take post-pandemic

Michelin star secrets everyone can recreate at home

The Michelin guide remains one of the world’s leading authorities on restaurants and fine dining. Although the judges' criteria are a closely-guarded secret, the techniques they praise are well-known – and the good news is that many are easily replicated at home. Discover our top tips to achieve restaurant-quality cooking in your own kitchen.

Rescue burnt pans and other easy kitchen cleaning tips

From tips handed down through the generations to new secrets dreamt up by online influencers, these cleaning hacks will transform your kitchen.

Kamala Harris' Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Is Going Viral: ‘Best I’ve Ever Made'

In case you need some help in the kitchen today.

From the 1940s to today: the incredible history of fast food in America

McDonald’s, In-N-Out Burger and KFC took the brakes off cooking in the 1940s and 1950s, and changed the way we eat forever. Here’s how they did it.

Thanksgiving is here: How to fry a turkey and live to tell about it

Hot oil and an open flame can be a dangerous combination, but here's how to make frying a turkey safer this holiday season.

Are Restaurants Open on Black Friday 2020? Deals at McDonald's, Applebee's and More

Black Friday is not a federal holiday like Thanksgiving, so restaurants across the U.S. will generally be open.

The Best Black Friday Kitchen Deals To Shop Right Now

From Le Creuset Dutch ovens to Vitamix blenders to our favorite turmeric, these are all the deals we’re shopping this weekend

7 Gourmet Spice Kits To Add Flavor to Everything You Eat

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Stir it up with these next-level woks

You’ll need to go deeper than a flat-bottomed pan to cook a real Chinese meal.

Police Change Locks on Restaurant Doors to Prevent Indoor Dining After Owner Defies Lockdown Rules

Adamson Barbecue and its owner, Adam Skelly, are facing nine charges for violating Toronto's lockdown orders and opening for indoor dining.

Are pickle wraps on your Thanksgiving table?

How about some meat, cheese and pickles with your turkey?

Black Friday at Kohl's: New online deals to shop now

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Warming ginger recipes to comfort you in winter

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This Post-Thanksgiving Buddha Bowl will Make You Feel Amazing

This Buddha Bowl is packed full of nutrients and is so incredibly easy to put together with this step-by-step recipe!

Wine stoppers to make your best bottles last longer

Because a bottle of wine is a highly inconvenient amount of wine.

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Amazon Black Friday deals are here, full of early Black Friday discounts on tech, home goods, appliances and (much) more.

What restaurants are open Thanksgiving? Starbucks, McDonald's are open but Pizza Hut, Chick-fil-A closed

Starbucks, McDonald's, Applebee's, Denny's, IHOP and Dunkin' are among the restaurants open this Thanksgiving. But several restaurants are closed.

Amazing gift card deals from Costco and Sam’s Club

Take the easy way out this holiday season with gift card deals at Costco and Sam's Club. They have a wide array of gift cards offering up to $30 off the value of the cards.

All the Best Black Friday Deals on Kitchen Gear

On Black Friday there are some excellent deals on everything from chef's knives and blenders to Instant Pots and cookware sets. Here's the best of the best.

A master list of how long you can keep leftovers

How Long to Refrigerate Leftovers