Isabel dos Santos: Modern Day Wealth

Isabel dos Santos is the most affluent woman in Africa, currently worth of over 3 billion dollars US tender, according to Forbes. This makes her the wealthiest person in Africa currently, and the continent’s first female billionaire. Isabel dos Santos is the eldest daughter of the former president of Angona, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who led the country for 30 years, 1979 to 2009. Isabel is a successful businesswoman in her own right, with much of her wealth coming from trading stocks. She began schooling at Cobham Hall, a private boarding school girls in Kent, England. Afterwards, dos Santos attended King’s College in London, England. She studied electrical engineering here, and met her future husband as well, the son of a wealthy politician from the Democratic Republic of the Congo by the name of Sindika Dokolo. After graduating, Isabel dos Santos went back to Angona to work with her father. Dos Santos scored a position as managing engineer for Urbana 2000, a contract that was to clean up and disinfect the capital city. However, as successful her career has been in both management and engineering, her true wealth comes from trading stocks, or shares in a particular company. She has acquired a diverse stock portfolio throughout her time in the markets, showing particular interest in the electrical industry, media and entertainment. Isabel dos Santos is the majority stockholder for ZON Multimedia who is a subdivision of Telefonica, the main media provider in Spain. Dos Santos owns both Unitel International Holdings BV, situated in The Netherlands, and Jadeium, in Angola, and between these two companies, Isabel dos Santos owns over 34% of the total stocks outstanding, giving her significant sway over ZON. This lets dos Santos have a large influence over what the media company puts out to its customers. In 2013, BBC placed dos Santos in their 100 most influential women chart due to her massive acquired wealth. Not only does she have significant influence in a major company, but she has also served as an inspiration for men and women alike looking to become wealthy. It is no stretch to say that she may easily overtake some of the wealthiest people in the world at this rate.

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The Work of Lincolnshire Managment

A private equity firm focused on controlinvestments focused, Lincolnshire Management has been impacting the investmentworld for more than thirty years. Founded in 1986, Lincolnshire Management hasinvested in a wide array of industries which includes more than 85 acquisitionsduring the last three decades. Lincolnshire has a unique collaborative approachthat is reliant on years of experience in the investment industry.

Recently Lincolnshire Management made a majormove when they sold Fabbri Group, an Italian based company that produceswrapping machines and other parts for the food packaging industry. The deal was made with a company called Argos Soditic. Lincolnshire Management alsoworked with the Italian group the Stella Group and IGI. William Blair served as the financial adviser for this purchase.

Licolnshire Management made the sale of Fabbri in October. Fabbri is considered a market leader in the area of food packaging resources. They work with fresh food production which includes things like meats, fish and fruits and vegetables. Fabbri’s is responsible for more than ten billion products each year. Headquartered in Italy, Fabbri has facilities and offices all over the world including in Italy and Switzerland.

The Director of Lincolnshire Ottavio Serena DiLapigio had lots of good things to say about their recent sale. He feels the transaction was successful and they have established an excellent relationship with Stella Group and IGI. Lincolnshire Managment has been able to expand in October across the globe including into countries like packaging resources US as well as Russia. The company is excited and optimistic about its future.

Currently, Lincolnshire Management has more than a billion dollars of private equity funds under management. Recently they had a $835 million Equity Fund. The company has more than three decades of experience in the investment world. They continue to be an innovator and a leader in the investment world.

Fortress Investment Group maintains its position for many years

Fortress Investment Group has been in the financial industry for more than two decades now. Many companies find it difficult to maintain the top position in the financial world because they cannot offer quality services to achieve competitive advantage in the world of finance. But Fortress Investment Group is different because since it started, it has been dominating the industry and expanding to offer its services to customers from different parts of the world. Clients are happy to continue getting quality services in sectors like market investments, capital markets, mergers and acquisition and operation management. Fortress Group was begun by people who wanted to revolutionize the financial world. In 1998, Rob Kauffman met with his friends Randal Nardone and Wes Edens, and that is when Fortress Investment Group was born. The three financial executives are the brains behind the establishment of Fortress Group. Read more on

They already had been friends because they met while working for other large organizations like BlackRock Financial Investment, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs. So before establishing a company together, they already knew each other, and they also knew their abilities. Working for such a large organization enabled them to acquire the best management skills that they would later use to run and manage a large organization like Fortress Group. After working for many years and gaining experience, it was now time to launch something different. They wanted to challenge themselves, and that is why they started a unique organization known as Fortress Investment Group. The experienced they gained while working in the financial world has been crucial in the running of an organization like Fortress Investment Group.

The success of Fortress Group can be attributed to diligence and consistency of the top leaders. It is not easy to manage assets worth billions and thousands of customers from various parts of the world. They are experienced when it comes to the management of areas like capital vehicles, private equity and hedge funds. They are happy because of what they have achieved since they started the company. Maintaining the top position in the world of finance for many years is not easy. But Fortress Investment has remained at the top for twenty years now. Visit

Freedom Checks From Matt Badiali Explained

All investors, whether they are newbies or even experts in the United States corporate world, have started to get some interest in freedom checks. This opportunity has been marketed in all platforms, and people are curious to know whether the benefits associated with it are true. There are people who do not run to make investments just because they have been advertised. Online opportunities are not always true and legit. There are many people who have used this opportunities to get money in shortcuts, and this always happens by deceiving those individuals who are innocent. Many people have a special interest in freedom checks, but they are not willing to take on the risk of losing their money to criminals who are interested in getting rich quickly and living a good life.

Matt Badiali, a Banyan Hill Publication employee, has been responsible for most of the adverts in various platforms. Respected for his contributions in the finance department, Matt Badiali brought the idea of Freedom Checks so that people have a chance to earn and live a good life without having to work extremely hard. The earth science expert has explained this investment idea to many people, stating that it will be ideal for all groups, even those who are about to retire from their formal jobs. Matt Badiali is urging people, especially those who are passionate about natural resources, to think about freedom checks as the next opportunity to earn wealth.

In the United States, it is mandatory for people to save for their retirement. This is mostly done by setting some amount from the paycheck every time so that they can have good retirement packages. When saving in the popular retirement schemes in the market, there are people who have managed to accumulate the money they will require to live well in their retirement. In many cases, however, the amount is too small, and it can never be adequate to secure prosperity. Matt Badiali Freedom Checks comes in handy in these occasions. Investing in this platform will only mean that the senior members of the community will get very good profits in their old age, and they will afford the best lifestyles as they rest at home.

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Madison Street Capital aides in private business transaction with Sachs Capital Group

Madison Street Capital is a financial investment banking firm that is international. They are committed to excellence, leadership, integrity, as well as customer service. This banking firm offers financial options, valuation services, financial advisory services and merger and acquisitions expertise to private and publically held businesses. These reliable services allow our clients to successfully succeed in a global marketplace. As Madison Street Capital takes on new projects, their clients objections and goals become their own. Each client goal can range from successful capital raise to M&A transactions to transfer ownership as well as sound financial advice. Madison Street Capital admits that their focus is on emerging markets as a chief component that increases their client’s growth potential globally. Madison Street Capital reputation has earned their client’s trust all around the world by providing the greatest levels of professionalism and unwavering dedication to their client’s needs.

Gregory H. Sachs stated that Sachs Capital Group was extremely pleased that they closed the business transaction. Madison Street Capital’s guidance, efforts and other relationships were most important to the private business transactions succeeding. Madison Street Capital assisted the Sachs Capital Group with the closing process and identifying capital sources.

Barry Peterson stated that the RMG Networks private business transaction was fascinating. RMG Networks has excellent growth opportunities for its owners since the company has the Korbyt platform. This business platform consists of corporate communications as well as launched, cloud based digital signage for their proposed clientele.

The Sachs Capital Group is a sophisticated and patient business partners that offer non-controlling and controlling and flexible terms to business entrepreneurs that are successful. Their investment philosophy reflects in their belief for a businesses’ long term capital appreciation with controlled financial and operating risks. Sachs Capital Group is a disciplined business investor with a strong focus on proper corporate governance, business fundamentals, valuation and supreme management.


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CloudWick: Providing Modern Solutions to Complex Problems

Whether it is storing data in an efficient manner, guarding against the threat of cyber crime, or using advanced algorithms and programming to meet production goals in various business environments, today’s modern companies have many issues to deal with on a daily basis. However, even with experts on their staffs, most companies still require the assistance of those who deal with these matters day in and day out, such as CloudWick. Providing modern solutions to the most complex problems businesses face, CloudWick can work with many types of business professionals to provide data storage, security, and planning options.

When dealing with cyber security, CloudWick can offer many possibilities. For example, when dealing with infrastructure security, its team of data scientists and engineers can use open source hardware such as Cassandra and Spark to modernize infrastructure applications. In doing so, not only is infrastructure security stabilized, but so are vulnerability management and identity management.

However, for any business to be successful, it takes executives who can not only deal with current problems, but also anticipate future trends and be proactive in finding solutions to those situations as well. To accomplish this, CloudWick works closely with executives around the globe, helping to analyze business goals and data requirements. Once this is done, a gap analysis plan is created, enabling company executives to modernize their enterprise application structures.

In addition to these solutions, CloudWick also realizes that for companies to stay ahead of their competitors, they must always be able to find the latest competitive advantage. To help reach these goals, solution architects work closely with company executives and IT professionals to gain much-needed insight from big data. Once done, new and improved processes can then be implemented, leading to smooth transitions in certain areas of a company, as well as the use of strategies that result in a greater overall performance.

Whether working with executives on an advanced data security project, consulting with corporate leaders on how to maximize business goals, or working with vendors such as AWS to deliver better analytics, CloudWick personnel play an important role in today’s business world.

Anthony Constantinou: The Man Revolutionizing The World Of Machines


Artificial intelligence is a term used to refer to simulated intelligence in machines. This means that in one way or another these type of machines can “think” and “reason” out various things just like humans beings do. Some few things that artificial intelligence can achieve include problem-solving for some computers and machines, voice recognition and even learning and planning. There have been developments in this particular field where the use of Bayesian methodologies has been integrated into artificial intelligence. This led to the development of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence.

Speaking of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence, Anthony Constantinou is a man full of experience and expertise in this particular field. For this reason, Anthony puts his knowledge and skills in the Bayesian artificial intelligence department at the Queen Mary University of London. Anthony is in charge of all the department’s operations. Furthermore, he is also a lecturer and Assistant Professor at the same University.

Anthony Constantinou’s journey to the top began at the CISCO Networking Academy in London from where he earned a certificate in CCNA Exploration in 2008. It was also in the same year that he graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. In 2009 he earned a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence with robotics. It was also in 2009 that earned a Certificate in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering from the University of London. That is not all; Anthony Constantinou is a Ph.D. holder in Bayesian Networks which he earned in 2012 from the University of London. See This Page for related information.

Anthony Constantinou’s work ethic and experience in the field has been built by years of practice, working in a wide variety of firms. For instance, he worked at Agena Limited as an Associate Consultant from 2014-2015. There he used the Bayesian methodology to facilitate decision making and even visualize and solve complex issues. After working at many different places, Anthony joined Queen Mary, University of London, where he serves as a lecturer and assistant professor.

His publication “Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making under Uncertainty” won him an honor for the Principal Investigator on EPSRC Fellowship project. Constantinou finished second in the international special issue competition Machine learning for soccer. His PhD. thesis was nominated for the CPHC/BCS Distinguished Dissertations, He was awarded Distinction for M.Sc. and earned a full EPSRC Ph.D. Scholarship and funding.


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David Zalik pioneers new, highly profitable business model with GreenSky Credit

In the embattled fintech industry, one company has stood above all others, emerging from the smoldering rubble of an industry bombed out by its own hubris. GreenSky Credit has become the undisputed king of fintech, growing at an exponential pace and taking the scalps of competitors by the dozens. The GreenSky vision, which has stood in such stark contrast to those of its competitors, has proven itself over the test of time and the gauntlet of the marketplace. Now, the company is poised to move into an even more dominant position in the future.

Something truly new

But it was not always easy going for Zalik and GreenSky. The veteran entrepreneur had such difficulty convincing bankers of the viability of his novel business model that he eventually ended up self-financing the entire company. Risking his entire $12 million net worth, Zalik bet everything he had on the future of his company, such was the strength of his conviction in the eventual success of the new way of lending that he had conceived.

The brilliance of the GreenSky lending model boils down to a pair of critical points. The first is that GreenSky takes absolutely no lending risk. The company, as Zalik states, is a technology firm. It simply brings together potential customers and eager lenders at the point of sale, facilitating the creation of high-value loans to both parties. And it does this through a cutting-edge lending interface that is the first in the world to offer truly instantly approved point-of-sale loans for five- and six-figure purchases.

The second critical part of the company’s towering success has been the fact that it only focuses on doing deals where everyone walks away a clear winner and where there is very little risk to any participants. The main characteristic of GreenSky lending is that the company only focuses on the absolute top of the prime lending market, concentrating on customers who have FICO scores above 760.

This ensures that the customers get the best possible loan terms while the firm’s lending partners get high-quality loans on their books.

Getting to Know Adam Milstein

If you want to know the real Adam Milstein as a professional and a philanthropist, a good place to start is with the foundation that resembles his name. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is more than just a steady and staunch supporter of Israel-progressive organizations. It is a beak of leadership with international roots. As the name suggests, Adam and his wife, Gila, are the founders of this establishment, which functions as a resource center to the Israeli community. Naturally, there is a service record and work history worth sharing behind the assistance the Foundation proudly provides.

When it comes to the professional expertise of Adam Milstein, his work as Managing Partner with Hager Pacific Properties is certainly noticeable. Before that, successes while providing service in the field of commercial real estate pave the way for his becoming a captain of industry. But, that expertise lays on the foundation of his earning an MBA from USC.

All of his good work performed in the United States actually follows a substantially more crucial and challenging set of circumstances in his native land of Israel. It is there where Adam Milstein participates in the Yom Kippur War on the side of the IDF. On top of that his efforts reward him with a graduation from Technion.

It is this kind of life-long dedication and serious commitment that make the resources that come from the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation so valuable. Sure, there is a monetary value attached to all of the help he and his wife give. But, the best part of the assistance that comes from the Foundation has their collective experience and can-do spirit backing it up.

In the Israeli community, everything Adam Milstein associates himself with has a sense of growth, strength, and family value. This quality is what makes him a great leader and icon to other members of the community. The names and range of organizations to benefit from the attention flowing from the Foundation include but are not limited to the Israeli-American Council, Israel on Campus Coalition, the American Israel Education Foundation, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, and Hillel.

Roseann Bennett Gives An Insight About Canine Assisted Therapy


Roseann Bennett stands out as one of the most experienced licensed Marriage and Family Therapists in New Jersey. Initially, Bennett was an in-home therapist. Thereafter, she realized that she could reach out to more patients by offering outpatient services. After many years as a therapist, Roseann Bennett noticed that many people were in need of her therapy services, but they were unable to access her therapy services because of lack of finances.


Roseann Bennett established the Center for Assessment and Treatment together with her husband, Todd Bennett. The organization was formed to ensure that people experiencing financial difficulties were able to access mental therapy services without being charged for the services offered. Instead of relying on well-wishers to donate money to the Center for Assessment and Treatment, Roseann Bennett funds the organization on her own; as a result, she can avoid any grievances that may be brought forth by external sources.


As the Executive Director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, Roseann Bennett ensures that the organization is running accordingly. Bennett utilized various therapeutic techniques such as the use of Canine Assisted Therapy to treat some of her patients. Since dogs are domestic animals and they have posed some significant importance to humans, Roseann Bennett is confident that Canine Assisted Therapy will bring about a positive outcome. Canine Assisted Therapy came about after researchers looked into the mannerism in which humans were relating with their dogs.


Roseann Bennett utilized a therapy dog known as Jack during the Canine Assisted Therapy sessions. She only uses therapy dogs when other therapeutic techniques prove to be futile. Before endorsing Canine Assisted Therapy, Roseann Bennett first evaluated how effective this technique would be since she had noticed that children were very fond of dogs and they got along very well. Jack has proved to be a great addition to the team and his services as a therapy dog have come in handy. See This Page for related information.


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