Randal Nardone and Softank

Randal Nardone is the co-founder, chief executive officer and the director of Fortress Investment Group. He came up with the company in 1998 with other principals. He started serving as the CEO of the company in 2013. Moreover, Randal is also a principal who is responsible for Fortress Credit Corporation. Randal Nardone joined Boston University School of Law where he attained his Doctorate of Jurisprudence. He received his bachelor’s degree in biology and English from the University of Connecticut. Previously he has worked with the Springfield Financial Holdings as its president as well as serving as a vice president of Newcastle Investment Holdings.

Randal Nardone has also worked with UBS as the managing director as well as its chief operating officer. In addition to this, he has also served as a partner at Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm including its executive committee member.

SoftBank just bought Fortress Investment Group and according to Randal that was the best step that the organization took. Randal goes ahead to say that the company was experiencing delayed private equity investments. This bold step by the organization will bring in a new environment that will foster new investments that will bring desirable results. Randal Nardone goes ahead to say that at the time of sale the company had a lot to sell, but when it came to buying, the organization did not have things worth buying.

According to Randal Nardone, the transaction between the SoftBank and Fortress Investment group was at $3.3 billion, and he believes that this is a grand strategic plan which will see investors gaining significant benefits. Softbank will ensure that they maintain the excellent record that Fortress Investment Group has set in terms of expertise, leadership, and its international investment platform. In addition to this, Randal is very optimistic of the deal as SoftBank is ready to pay $8.08 per the company share as compared to its trade price of $5.83. Besides, the book value for a share is $4, and this will hasten the Fortress Business faster which will in return increase the company credits in the public markets.

Nardone claims that this move will make investors have more confidence with the Fortress Investment, the leading organization in America when it comes to alternative investments as the company will have more assets. Fortress Investment has differentiated global investment assets worth $36.1 billion as well as controlling assets for more than 1,750 customers, both institutional and private.

Thinking Forward With Your Money like Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is a pioneer in the saving money Industry. He has over 35 years of experience. Since territories of center have been private managing an account, and additionally business keeping money and different parts.

He accomplished his BA certificate in finances at Meerut The University in India amid 1971. For his MBA he studied in Delhi University school for The Economics. A portion of these parts were Director of Management in Switzerland, Country Head for North America in New York and Branch overseer while he was in India to give some examples. One of Anil Chaturvedi’s most focal places of activity is connection exchanges amongst India and Europe. As of late day by day Forex writings secured Anil’s clarification of banks and their part in the worldwide economy. He says that it is imperative to be knowledgeable in the part banks play in our general public and throughout the economy. The accomplished seasoned-financier communicated that there are a wide range of kinds of keeping money and every one surely sorted by what populace they serve most. He would then go onto give the case that the normal private financiers has needs that contrast immensely to move those requirements of a company. Banks are essential establishments since they door keep credit he shouts. Bank advances are critical for private companies as well as the new companies too. Attempting to envision any type of world without any banks would symbolize clearly why they are really vital to us; he said in the meeting. Economy we have just wouldn’t work without the the anchor of the saving money industry, Anil Chaturvedi states.


Whitney Wolfe Herd Shares The Details Of Why She Founded Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd is a businesswoman based out of Austin, Texas. Soon after graduating from Southern Methodist University she co-founded Tinder, Inc. She was this firm’s vice president of marketing from May 2012 until May 2014. After leaving this company she took a few months to decide what she would be doing professionally next. In September 2014 she founded Bumble and serves as this firm’s chief executive officer.

Under her leadership, Bumble has become phenomenally successful. At the age of just 29, she is now worth $230 million and Bumble has been valued at over a $1 billion. Bumble is a firm that has a dating app available on both Android and Apple mobile devices. It is different than other dating apps because it is only women that can make the first move. Visit deadline.com to know more about Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe Herd says that after leaving Tinder she didn’t plan on re-entering the dating app space. She instead wanted to create a social media app exclusively for women. She pitched this idea to a Russian billionaire and venture capitalist, Andrey Andreev, who lives in London. He didn’t care for this concept and convinced her to create a dating app instead. He seeded Bumble with $10 million and gave Whitney Wolfe Herd access to his own company’s systems and software.

The past few years haven’t been without their challenges for Whitney Wolfe Herd, though. Bumble and she personally came under attack by a neo-Nazi website. The neo-Nazis went so far as to put on their website the personal information of Bumble staffers, such as their pictures and phone numbers. Once this occurred the FBI got involved and shut the website down.

She says that she now has a bodyguard with her whenever she is traveling as a result of this attack. She also put in place a full-time security team at her company’s offices. Whitney Wolfe Herd says that the reason the neo-Nazis attacked her and her company is because it is a feminist company that believes in empowering women. She says that there are far too many people nowadays who believe in misogyny nowadays, many of whom feel free to do so openly even.

Visit: https://www.vogue.com/article/bumble-founder-whitney-wolfe-michael-herd-positano-wedding


Roseann Bennett: New Ways Of Therapy

She is a licensed marriage and family therapist that has a decade of experience in the therapy field. While located in New Jersey, Roseann Bennett, continues to lead the way when it comes to various rounds of therapy, psychology and counseling. She’s has spent her time as an in-home therapist in the last few years. During this time, there was a huge need for outpatient treatment. This was especially true for people who couldn’t afford expensive treatments or simply were disenfranchised.

This is when Roseann took action and led the Center for Assessment and Treatment. The goal was to provide ongoing extensive counseling service for all types of people. Her and her husband Todd began the center from the bottom up, using personal funds to open the doors to the practice. While she maintained her personal financial stability, she was capable of operating the center in a way she felt was appropriate, beneficial to clients and very therapeutic. So far she’s been able to avoid the bureaucracy that some agencies experience when getting funding from the outside.

Roseann Bennett remains as the Executive director and Co-founder for the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Her responsibilities entail developing curriculums for many programs and keeping the daily operations within the clinic on schedule and being successful. Roseann Bennett believe that real world counseling experiences help her tremendously in her particular line of work. She received this experience well before opening the center.

It gave her a familiarity with the particular goals therapy had and allows her to take different approaches that brought about varying results for clients. Bennett is a firm believer when it comes to therapeutic activities. She has now taken on an interest in pursuing and integration of canine assisted therapy for her practice.

It’s been known that animals have always been used as a means of support and assisting people with many tasks and even allowing them to stay productive. They can assist individuals at the time of a seizure or can physically help them when having an anxiety attack. The use of service m animals has continued for years. See Related Link to learn more.


Read more about Bennett in her interview with IdeaMensch on https://ideamensch.com/roseann-bennett/

Hussain Sajwani: The Philanthropic DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is a renowned man in the Middle East. His prowess in his capacity as the chairman of DAMAC Properties has earned him a place in UAE as one of the major partners of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Through his philanthropic partnership, he has been championing the creation of a highly skilled society where learners get a chance to improve their knowledge to make them productive. His philanthropy programs include the Dubai Future Foundation One Million Arab Coders Initiative, a program Hussain Sajwani sponsors. The program has since its launch in 2017 seen major improvements made as far as developing and equipping a million software developers in the UAE is concerned.

Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties in 2002, taking advantage of the real estate market that was rapidly expanding and in high demand in the Middle East region. Through his visionary leadership, the company has grown and expanded into other regions and countries such as Dubai, Doha, Amman, Jeddah, London, and Riyadh among other places in the world.

As part of giving back to the society, the DAMAC owner employs over 2000 employees and has had his company listed Dubai’s Financial Market. The excellent track record that the company has had in the past is testament to Hussain Sajwani’s proficiency in management and corporate leadership. Investing in both luxury property development as well as ordinary middle income-level of properties and homes, the mogul has established himself as a potent Arab developer in the modern day.

In the recent past, Mr. Sajwani has earned numerous awards in the real estate and corporate leadership categories. In the 2017 Middle East Awards, for instance, Sajwani was ranked as the 15th hotelier in his CEO position as the DAMAC owner. The same year, Sajwani was ranked as the best property CEO for having shown his proficiency in real estate corporate leadership. In the Arabian Business Real Estate Awards, Mr. Sajwani, the DAMAC owner was recognized as a Real Estate Legend, a title that is highly coveted and which very few peopleiuy76 achieve. At his helm in DAMAC properties, he continues to steer not only the company but also the general public forward through his leadership and philanthropy programs.

Content taken from: http://uae.argaam.com/article/articledetail/625283

Best Business Lessons From Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is an accomplished business owner who has had a ton of success during his career. He enjoys managing companies and investing in real estate. Although he was born in India, he moved to the United States after serving in the military. He graduated with an MBA from Nebraska, and he worked hard early in his career.


Although he was advancing quickly in his career, he did not enjoy working at a large company. Instead, he wanted to own a company. He started saving his money so he could invest in a business idea. After a few years, the business was more successful than he ever imagined. He sold the business for millions of dollars, and he spends his time teaching other people about starting a company. Vinod Gupta even granted an interview to Gazette Day, a digital publication known for its high-profile, top-quality interviews, in late May 2018 – he included Effective Business Lessons for business owners who wanted to succeed in business like himself.



One of the most common issues with starting a business is getting the capital required. Few banks want to lend money to new business owners. Venture Capital is a proven way for entrepreneurs to get money.


Vinod tells people to avoid debt as much as possible when starting a company. Numerous business owners end up bankrupt after a bad business decision. Instead of taking this approach, Vinod recommends that people use cash to invest in a new business. See This Page for additional information.


Other Goals

Vinod Gupta is also a political activist. He travels around the country campaigning for various politicians. He believes that the government should do more to help people who struggle financially. He is also firmly against the student loan program. He thinks that the student loan bubble is going to cause multiple issues in the coming years.


Watch his video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e-UzAJFxHU

Gareth Henry: Worked Up to the Top

Gareth Henry has achieved many positions within the investment community. The man’s breadth of experience encompasses a starting position as a Director at Schroders for two years up until 2007. After this point, Gareth Henry transitioned over to Fortress Investment Group based out of London where his title was the “Director of International Investor Relations”. He held this role through the global housing and market collapse until 2013, at which point he garnished capital investments from European, African, and Middle Eastern markets. Finally by this time, Gareth Henry was promoted to becoming the Global Head of Investor Relations at Fortress Liquid Markets. He maintained this role for two years until 2017, where he this time acquired capital investments from Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Middle Easterners, and Asians.

As of now, Gareth Henry has left Fortress and has migrated over to Angelo, Gordon, & Co. where he has ascertained a managing partner role and the title of “Global Head of Investor Relations”, working directly with the president (Lawrence Schloss). Schloss was quoted of Henry as saying, “With Gareth Henry, we are further strengthening the world-class team we have assembled… as we seek to deliver strong performance on behalf of our investors.” Henry was then quoted as saying of Angleo that, “Angelo, Gordon has a well-earned reputation for delivering strong returns across strategies and market cycles. I am excited to join Angelo, Gordon and look forward to working with the Firm’s talented investor relations and investment professionals.”

Angelo, Gordon, & Co. was founded in 1988, with modest beginnings. Currently they oversee $26 billion, and the risk is spread across multiple asset classes including private equity, real estate, and various market investments. Gareth has come a long way since his days of learning actuarial mathematics at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, at the age of 32. He now works in the heart of New York and London, and has become a very valuable asset to all organizations which he was involved.

More at http://shareholders.fortress.com/File/Index?KeyFile=11377401

Victoria Doramus Creative Career

Marketing when done right can yield many results for many corporations. Victoria Doramus works as an experienced trends specialist. She can recognize patterns and solutions to the patterns that may be causing problems. Doramus’ creative background aloe her to perform in the work that she does. She has helped people develop marketing plans and solutions to the issues that they may be facing in a set time.

Victoria Doramus is known for the work that she has done all throughout the communications industry. Her knowledge and experience in the communications industry are backed by her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and Journalism from the University of Colorado Boulder. She is not only able to put together successful marketing plans she can manage the work that will go into setting the program into place. She uses the information that she gathers throughout her evaluation process to figure out how the marketing plan can be implemented successfully.

Working in various positions have also aided in Victoria Doramus, a digital and print media professional, being able to put together marketing strategies. She has worked in several areas that have allowed her to express her creativity in many different ways visually. Beyond creating advertisements, she has helped companies to build lasting relationships with their clients. Doramus not only manages clients but she creates opportunities for new clients to be gained.

In addition to the work that she does corporately, she works with charities by volunteering. Currently, Victoria Doramus is no longer working for companies creating marketing programs. She is self-employed doing work that allows her to give back to those in need. She helps charities put together successful marketing plans to ensure that they can achieve the purpose their organization is meant to meet. Doramus (@victoriadoramus) has spent her entire career helping to make the moving parts of companies prefer better.

My source: facebook.com/public/Victoria-Doramus

National Steel Car With The Leadership Of Gregory Aziz

For over 100 years now National Steel Car has been providing expert service to the engineering and manufacturing aspects of the railroad industry. Gregory J Aziz is the current CEO of National Steel Car. It is his hard work and knowledge that has taken National Steel Car to the next level. The best tank cars and freight equipment is currently being manufactured by this Canadian-based company. It serves the world, which is far beyond what the original concept was about. A diverse business model has evolved thanks to Greg Aziz. He doesn’t work alone. He makes sure that the latest and greatest talent in the industry is being hired on a consistent basis. This is a company that also cares a great deal about retaining the talent that they have.

The advanced business concepts of National Steel Car come from Greg James Aziz focusing on raising the bar. Staff at NSC are always encouraged to challenge themselves, to try something new and to go above and beyond what competitors are doing. The most innovative designs in the industry are currently coming from National Steel Car. You don’t get to this point by following industry standards. It takes great leadership and impressive talent to get to where you want to be. Aziz believes in accomplishing new achievements each day.

National Steel Car corporate professionals and Gregory J Aziz are supportive to the 2,000 employees that are currently on staff. Moving forward it has been communicated that the same products will be produced that were being engineered 100 years ago. There is a new standard of excellence that will be added to this production line, along with innovative updates that are unlike anything that has been seen before.

Since 1994, Greg Aziz has been working as the current President, CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car. A deal was struck with Dofasco in order to take NSC to the next level. It is now more than it ever was before. It is a leading railcar production company. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car is continuing to see great success moving forward.

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James Dondero Doing More For Dallas

James Dondero is a philanthropist and businessman that resides in Dallas, Texas. The start of James’ success story begins at the University of Virginia’s School of Commerce where he earned his Bachelor of Science in not one but two fields, accounting, and finance. After earning his degrees, James moved on to work with JP Morgan Chase & Company on a financial training program that would launch him into his dream job at American Express no more than a year later. At American Express, James was responsible for managing over $1 billion in fixed income funds for clients, and he did so successfully from 1985 to 1989. Visit Highland Funds to know more about James Dondero. James would once again advance to the next stage of his career in 1989 when Protective Life offered him the role of Chief Investment Officer for their GIC Subsidiary, to which he graciously accepted. Soon after working with the Subsidiary, James advanced the company from a concept to a $2 billion success story, with his guidance. In 1993, James would see advancement again as he accepted the title of President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management, an alternative investment firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

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Although James Dondero keeps himself entertained enough with his responsibilities to his firm, James Dondero also holds a passion for giving back to his community. Therefore, every fiscal year, Dondero ensures that $3 million is set aside for the charitable donations he holds dear. The charity team at Highland Capital Management assists James with finding non-profits and initiatives in the area that promise to give something of worth to the city of Dallas. For example, The Family Place often finds themselves at the mercy of Mr. Donderos’ generosity. The Family Place is a shelter for men in Dallas that need a haven from a domestic violence situation. The housing is close to medical care and offers a 24-hour hotline for those in crisis. Another example is the $1 million donation given to the Dallas Zoo to open their hippo exhibit; The habitat closed nearly two decades ago, after the death of the last surviving hippo at the zoo, Papa. Now, thanks to James and several other philanthropists, the Zoo received the necessary $14 million to recreate the habitat and bring the beloved creatures back to the Dallas Zoo. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.